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Periodontal Disease/Gum Disease

Learn the symptoms and possible non-surgical solutions.

  • Are you experiencing bleeding gums?
  • Red, puffy and tender gums sensitive to hot or cold?
  • Receding gums? Loose tooth or bad breath?

If you answer YES to these questions, you may have a periodontal disease/gum disease.

Apart from losing your teeth, periodontal disease/gum disease is also linked to serious health problems such as stroke, heart and respiratory disease, digestive disorders, preterm low birth weight babies, pancreatic cancer, obesity, and diabetes.

It starts when bacteria enters your gum tissue. Bacteria can multiply by the millions in just a few short hours and if left untreated, plaque and tartar may follow. The next thing you know, you may already have a pocket, or the separation of the gum tissue from the tooth.

Your dentist will measure the pocket in millimeters – “tooth number 7 is a 4, 22 is a 6” and so on. The larger the number, the deeper the pocket and, the worse your condition. Once bacteria builds up and invades the pocket, redness or gum swelling and bleeding may occur.  When the bacteria hides in the pocket, it becomes toxic. It poisons your gum and bone tissue by eating them away, leading to receding gums and possibly, a loose tooth.

Bacteria can access your blood once the pocket deepens. Soon, you’ll find yourself experiencing health problems including big dental bills. To ensure healthy gums, Dr. Terry performs a Comprehensive Periodontal Examination on every patient. Dr. Terry will help you control your Periodontal Disease with non-surgical treatment. Avoid those high medical bills by visiting Dr. Terry today for a Periodontal Exam.

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