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A Happy, Healthy Smile

Easy on your FEARS: Highly trained professionals

We want to treat residents and visitors of the Petersburg, VA, Tri-Cities (Hopewell, Colonial Heights) and Greater Richmond, with the same care you’d get in any large city.  We are happy to be in The Village of Ettrick, near Virginia State University, so we can serve the VSU student population, as well.  Terry Family Dentistry believes in holistic health treatment, so he educates you as he treats you.  He wants his patients to understand the connection between dental health and your overall health.  If you’ve been delaying dental treatment because you’re afraid, then you should visit Dr. Terry.  From the moment you meet him, you’ll find him to be very friendly and accommodating.  His years of experience and training, have enabled him to explain any kind of dental treatment or procedure in language you’ll understand.  His staff is equally friendly and knowledgeable when it comes to completing necessary paperwork and scheduling appointments.  We understand your dental needs and will go the extra mile to accommodate you.

Easy on your SENSES: An inviting atmosphere

We are quite proud of our new office!  We’ve taken special care to design our new facility to include the latest in dental equipment and technology, yet remain warm and friendly.  Having been in our new location for just over one year, we are continue to settle into our environment and want you to appreciate it as much as we do.  The minute you enter our office, you’ll notice our comfortable, at-home, non-clinical decor.

Easy on your SMILE: Cosmetic Care

Sooner or later, you may need care for a damaged tooth, which is why Dr. Terry offers the latest precision-crafted bridges, veneers, crowns, dental restoration implants and full and partial dentures to restore your smile to its full attractiveness.

Dr. Terry prides himself on creating cosmetic restorations that look so real, most professionals can’t tell the difference.  That’s because he uses the most natural-looking, high-quality materials available, to ensure a custom fit and long-lasting comfort.  Some cosmetic procedures he offers include:

  • At-home teeth whitening – Safe, effective systems that can brighten your discolored or dull teeth in the comfort of your home.
  • Porcelain veneers – Dr. Terry can create a beautiful smile for you by disguising healthy but stained or slightly crooked teeth with dazzling high-quality veneers that can make average teeth look exceptional.
  • Crowns and bridges – Dr. Terry offers techniques and materials to create crowns and bridges for stronger, incredibly natural-looking results. They can even be used to hide spaces between teeth!
  • Dental implant restorations – Want to make loose-fitting dentures a thing of the past? Dr. Terry can provide you with reliable, permanent implant restorations as an effective alternative to dentures
  • Cosmetic bonding – This relatively simple process uses high-quality restorative materials to change crooked, broken or unsightly teeth into attractive ones by creating a smooth, natural finish over damaged or stained teeth.
  • Full and partial dentures – Restore your smile with dentures by Dr. Terry. He uses top-of-the-line materials and labs to help you have the smile of your dreams.

Easy on YOU: Gentle Touch Dental Care

To create the flawless smile you and Dr. Terry both expect, he provides progressive dental techniques and technology with a gentle touch:

  • Ultrasonic cleanings – Gently beautify your smile with ultrasonic vibrations that free your teeth of plaque and calculus, even below your gumline. Your teeth will look their very best, and you’ll avoid costly dental treatment.
  • Natural-looking fillings – Using new tooth-colored fillings means noticeable, discolored fillings can now be a thing of the past.
  • Nonsurgical gum care – Gum disease is today’s leading cause of adult tooth loss, but Dr. Terry uses state-of-the-art nonsurgical programs to treat gum disease so you can keep your smile healthy for a lifetime.
  • Single-visit root canals (as applicable) – Years ago, teeth with diseased or injured pulps had to be removed, but with today’s new root canal treatments and Dr. Terry’s gentle touch, your damaged teeth can be safely repaired with minimal discomfort.
  • Digital X-rays – For your safety, digital radiography offers the highest resolution with the lowest exposure to harmful x-rays.
  • Soothing nitrous oxide – Helps you relax while Dr. Terry beautifies your smile.

Cancer screenings are also performed in our office.